Muzzling Cheney

WIth a steady stream of explosive interviews in which he has claimed that President Obama has made America less safe, former Vice President Dick Cheney has quickly become the GOP's most prominent spokesperson. Now conservative politicos are concerned that the unpopular leader is wrecking their brand by tying the GOP to Bush even as it desperately seeks to move on—but who's going to tell him? Republican strategists say they are scared to publicly go after Cheney out of fear of backlash from the party's base, even as he wreaks havoc on the party's public image. "The fact that most people want to talk [without attribution] shows what a problem it continues to be," one Republican strategist anonymously told the Washington Post. "Cheney continues to be a force among many members of our base, and while he is entirely unhelpful, no one has the standing to show him the door."