Muslim Groups to Boycott Trump’s Iftar Dinner

President Donald Trump will host his first Iftar dinner on Wednesday—but Muslim groups who have traditionally attended the event in previous administrations say they won’t be going due to “the president’s history of incendiary comments about Muslims,” according to The Guardian. Trump did not host an Iftar dinner—a tradition started by former President Bill Clinton—last year, and the announcement that the president would this year surprised the groups. “I wouldn’t anticipate that any credible mainstream American Muslim organizations or leaders would be invited or agree to attend, given the administration’s Islamophobic and white supremacist positions and policies,” spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations Ibrahim Hooper said. “There’s always this argument that it’s better to be at the table… but it’s getting increasingly difficult to make.” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the newspaper that about 30 to 40 guests were expected to attend, but Muslim leaders and advocates who have been invited in the past reportedly did not receive invitations. Protests in front of the White House are also expected to occur on Wednesday.