Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper Hacked

Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper The Sun was hacked Monday, most likely by the hacker group LulzSec. The site redirected to a site called new-times.co.uk/sun/ and had a fake article up called “Media mogul’s body discovered.” The satirical article said Murdoch had been found dead in his garden after “ingesting a large quantity of the drug palladium.” LulzSec claimed credit for the attack on Twitter with the hashtag #MurdochMeltdownMonday. There was also a graphic at the bottom that said “By Lulz.” After an hour, LulzSec redirected The Sun's site to LulzSec's own Twitter feed. The Sun is one of Murdoch’s most-read papers; former News International executive Rebekah Brooks, who has since been arrested in connection with the phone-hacking scandal, was once its editor.