Murdoch Co. Settles 37 Hack Cases

Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper company has agreed to pay damages to 36 people whose phones were hacked by the now-defunct tabloid News of the World. In doing so, the company also admitted guilt—and admitted it knew about the wide-scale phone hacking. Most of the 60 people who sued received settlements in the tens of thousands, but Jude Law was granted $200,000 for what his lawyer said was "considerable distress ... distrust and suspicion" and his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, received $77,000. Other payouts include $46,000 for former government minister Chris Bryant, $62,000 for former deputy prime minister John Prescott, and $62,000 for Guy Pelley, a friend of Prince William. One of Murdoch's own journalists, John Rowland, who worked at The Sunday Times, received $39,000 after News Corp. admitted to hacking his phone.