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Muggles Ruin Harry Potter Dinner

Halloween just got a lot less magical for a group of Harry Potter fans in London. Warner Brothers cracked down on a planned Harry Potter-themed dinner run out of the home of a London woman using the name "Ms. Marmite Lover," informing her that references to Diagon Alley and different foods from the book constituted copyright infringement. “While we are delighted you are such a fan of the Harry Potter series,” said a letter from the company, “unfortunately your proposed use of the Harry Potter properties...without our consent would amount to an infringement of Warner's rights." Ms. Lover complied, but stated that she wouldn’t have profited from the references (although it is a pop-up restaurant run out of her home), explaining, “My daughter is a huge fan, even an obsessive.” At the suggestion of the company, the dinner will now hold the legal but much less festive title “Generic Wizard Night.”