Crazy Weather

Mudslides Threaten SoCal

Sunny southern California is currently soggy. A series of storms have pelted the region since Sunday, with some areas receiving up to six inches of rain, sending mud sliding down streets in communities hit by the Station fire last year. With more rain expected Friday, officials remain concerned about mudslides, and will likely keep the 1,000 residents already evacuated out of their homes through Monday, when a weaker storm is expected. Acting Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Francisco, and Siskiyou counties due to the weather. The rain isn't the only worry either—suspected tornadoes touched down in Ventura and Santa Barbara, sending cars akimbo, and pelting bits of metal shed siding into wooden fences, like so many throwing knives; twenty-foot waves are battering the coast, and high winds have forced dozens of flight cancellations.