MoviePass Users Experience Outages, Movie Restrictions

The popular MoviePass service, which allows users to go to a movie per day for the low monthly cost of $9.95, has been experiencing outages across the country and is reportedly going to be limiting the movies it offers to customers. Users have been experiencing outages in their areas, and not being able to see any movies in their areas despite paying for the service. Customers also found out they were not able to get tickets to Mission: Impossible–Fallout over the weekend, which ended up topping box offices. According to Business Insider, the service will also not be offering tickets to Christopher Robin and The Meg. In a meeting, CEO Mitch Lowe reportedly implied that blockbuster-blocking practice would continue in the “foreseeable future.” In an open letter, Lowe also told to customers that “certain movies may not always be available in every theater on our platform.” This comes after the company ran out of money last week and had to borrow $5 million to get the service up and running.