Mother Charged With Waterboarding Son

A North Texas woman and her boyfriend were jailed for punishing her 13-year-old son by tying a rope around his genitals and waterboarding him, officials said. The boy had allegedly told his mother’s boyfriend that he inappropriately touched the family dog. The adults responded by torturing him and then leaving him in a curled position for as much as 10 minutes with the rope tied around his body. Legal documents in the case allege that the man grabbed the teen by the hair, pinned him down, and held a towel over his face while his mother poured water over his mouth and nose. The form of punishment was at one point used by U.S. authorities to question terror suspects but has since been banned. The AP did not name the couple, who both face charges of felony injury to a child, to avoid identifying the boy. He is now in foster care.