Most Candidates Direct Questions at Romney

It looks like most of the Republican presidential candidates heard that Mitt Romney is the frontrunner again. The 2012 hopefuls were each given the chance to ask one other candidate a question, and most of them chose Romney. Herman Cain asked Romney if he could name all 59 points in his 160-page economic plan, Newt Gingrich asked why he only has a capital-gains tax cut for people making under $250,000 a year, Jon Huntsman asked about how Romney’s background at a company that helped break up companies will help job creation, and Rick Perry asked about the “Romneycare” health-insurance program in Massachusetts. Romney fended all of their questions by insisting he is the most prepared to take on President Obama and Washington. Romney himself asked Michele Bachmann about how she planned to create jobs, and she had directed her question to Rick Perry.