Mormon Beefcake Calendar

Chad Hardy didn’t think it would be such a big deal to create a pinup calendar of sexy, shirtless Mormon missionaries—until he was excommunicated. “Men on a Mission” features photos of hunky men posing in front of backgrounds that suggest their former missionary destinations. Mormon higher-ups, already upset over bad press from incidents like the raid on an outlaw Texan polygamous sect, excommunicated Hardy and barred him from receiving his degree from Brigham Young University, though they deny it is because of the calendar. Hardy is undaunted—a calendar of clothed but alluring Mormon moms (“muffins”) is due out this summer. “It’s friendly,” Hardy says. “It doesn’t tear down the beliefs of the church at all. Underneath, it makes people realize, ‘Oh, they’re sexy Mormons. They’re real.’” The calendar has sold 10,000 copies.