True Crime

More Trouble for Melissa Huckaby

Melissa Huckaby, the woman accused of raping and killing 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, is now believed to have been involved in a previous abduction. It would appear that Huckaby took a 7-year-old girl to a park in January for four hours, and brought her back high on muscle relaxants. The incident was reported by a family in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park, where both Huckaby and Cantu used to live. The police have refused to answer questions about the alleged abduction, but circumstantial evidence seems to link the 28-year-old to the event. It is reported, for instance, that the woman who took the girl drove a purple Kia Sportage, which matches the description of a car registered to Huckaby’s name. The police also noted that the girl might have been with a mobile home park resident's “granddaughter,” and Huckaby, until her arrest, lived with her grandparents.