More Arrests at Zuccotti Park

Another two dozen people were arrested on Tuesday, just hours after an early-morning raid—and a judge's ruling that the protesters could stay. A New York judge ruled Tuesday morning that the Occupy Wall Street protesters could stay just hours after the raid, where an estimated 200 people were arrested. Justice Lucy Billings issued a temporary restraining order allowing the protesters to return Tuesday morning, saying the park’s owners, Brookfield Properties, would now be prohibited from “enforcing ‘rules’ published after the occupation began.” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a press conference Tuesday morning at which he said, “The First Amendment protects free speech. It does not allow people to use tents and sleeping bags to take over a public space.” Bloomberg said the park had been reopened briefly this morning, but then closed again while the city addresses the judge’s order. Protesters vowed to march in protest of the eviction.