Moonves to TWC CEO: You’re ‘Dishonest’

We feel you, Les Moonves—everyone is blowing up without being able to watch the latest Under the Dome. The CBS CEO Tuesday publicly slammed Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt’s proposal to end the feud between the two companies, which has caused the cable company to cut CBS in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. On Monday Britt’s letter went public. It called for an end to the company’s blackout, but did not offer up any real proposal. Moonves fired back Tuesday, writing that he was “surprised to get your letter yesterday, since I haven’t spoken to you in more than a week.” Moonves called Britt’s letter “dishonest” and his “proposal” as “nothing more than an attempt to muddy the water and confuse the public discussion.” Yikes, imagine how ugly things will get when football is back.