Mom of Son Adopted by Sandusky: ‘My Son Was Afraid of Jerry’

The biological mother of a boy adopted by Jerry Sandusky said Thursday that she had contacted authorities because she was afraid for her son’s safety. “My son was afraid of Jerry,” said Debra Long. Long’s son, now known as Matt Sandusky, first encountered the former Penn State assistant coach in 1995 via the Second Mile, a foster-care organization, before being adopted by the Sanduskys at the age of 18. Matt Sandusky has not been named as one of the 10 victims of alleged sexual assault by his adopted father, but Long said she identified troubling behavior from her son after being taken in by Sandusky. Long said Matt attempted suicide just four months after moving into the Sandusky home, and although Matt still supports his adopted father, the mother of Matt’s children has obtained a court order that prohibits Jerry Sandusky from being alone with them.