Model Sues Cosby for 2008 Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby’s list of accusers expanded on Tuesday when a woman sued him in a Los Angeles federal court, alleging he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Chloe Goins, who filed the civil suit, told reporters she was one of the few women who could actually bring Cosby to justice. The lawsuit comes as L.A. County prosecutors are reviewing a criminal investigation into the 25-year-old model’s allegations. Goins alleges that Cosby gave her a drink that caused her to black out at a 2008 Playboy Mansion party. She awoke to find herself naked in bed with Cosby, who was allegedly biting her toes and masturbating, according to her attorney Spencer Kuvin. Cosby’s attorneys have denied the accusations and claimed he was not at the party.