Miss California-gate

Moakler: I Couldn't Stand Her 'Lies'

Yesterday, actress Shanna Moakler stepped down from her post as codirector of the Miss California pageant to protest national organizer Donald Trump announced that embattled beauty queen Carrie Prejean would keep her crown. After voicing opposition to gay marriage the Miss USA contest, the reigning Miss California breached her pageant contract by appearing in ads for the National Organization for Marriage. On Thursday morning Moakler choked up as she explained how Prejean's actions precipitated her break from the Miss USA organization: "The turning point for me, I guess, was when I was watching the Today show and she was sitting there continuing to lie" about her motives and knowledge about breaching her Miss California contract. Moakler explained her presence at Donald Trump's press conference in New York, where he voiced his support for Prejean: "I wasn't going to New York with this vendetta against her and hoping that she would be decrowned. But I was hoping she would, at one point in time, stop pointing fingers at everyone in the world and take a little bit of accountability or a little bit of responsibility for herself.... I feel like she got basically rewarded for lying."