MMA Fighter Live-Tweets Police Standoff

Retired mixed martial artist Jason “Mayhem” Miller took a unique approach on Thursday to finding himself in a standoff with police and a SWAT unit: he live-tweeted the entire encounter. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, officers were attempting to serve a warrant to Miller related to alleged domestic violence and stalking. “He retreated into the house, was uncooperative with any of the commands by sheriff’s deputies, and based on that, we established a perimeter, called out the SWAT team,” Lt. Jeff Hallock said around 1pm. Miller then took to Twitter to call out the “absolute waste of resources” taking place outside his home, including use of a helicopter and an armored personal carrier. “I WISH YOU NO HARM. I respect the Police, but this is overkill, for something that would be settled with one piece of paperwork from OCBAIL,” Miller wrote. The OCSD tweeted at 5:13 p.m. that Miller “surrendered in back of residence following remote front door breach. Suspect IN CUSTODY.”