Mitt Romney Leads GOP Field

New polls show that Mitt Romney has emerged as the clear leader of the GOP pack. One poll showed that 28 percent of Republicans would support Romney, which puts him a full eight points ahead of his closest rival, Herman Cain. Additionally, 34 percent of those polled said he is the most presidential candidate in the field. Ipsos pollster Cliff Young said, “Going into the primaries, he’s in a strong position and his image is solidifying around a very important attribute, which is being presidential, or being seen as presidential.” Meanwhile, a WSJ/NBC poll found that Romney now leads Cain 56%-43%; earlier in the month Cain led Romney 51%-47%. Thirty-three percent of those polled now feel negatively about Rick Perry, compared with only 24% at the beginning of the month. Those are good pieces of news for Romney, Young said, “As the other candidates falter, his image comes into relief.”