Mitt: Obama Can’t Take Credit for Domestic Energy

Mitt Romney does not think President Barack Obama should be taking credit for domestic energy production. “He instead has tried to slow the growth of oil and gas production in this country, and coal production in this country,” he said in Fargo, N.D., Thursday. “So, far from taking credit, he should be hanging his head and taking a little bit of the blame for what’s going on today,” Romney declared, pointing out that “today the president is going to be in New Hampshire talking about energy in North Dakota. He’s about as far away from North Dakota as he can get and still be in the United States.” Romney, instead, touted his own proposals for easing fracking regulations and opening up more domestic land for drilling. “[Obama’s] idea of course is to be far enough away from the people who know what’s really going on right here to maybe try and blow one past folks.”"