MIT Grad Admits WikiLeaks Link

The WikiLeaks club appears to have drawn in another member, this time a recent MIT grad. He admitted Saturday that he did in fact meet and trade emails with Bradley Manning, the Army private who stands accused of handing thousands of pages of classified documents to WikiLeaks. Still, the anonymous MIT grad insists he had no role in the leak. “I did not help him or know about it before it happened,’’ he said. The Pentagon does not yet consider him an accomplice in the matter. The former student could be just one of many hackers who assisted Manning in some way, according Adrian Lamo, the hacker who ultimately turned him in. Lamo added that he does not believe Manning had the technical know-how to copy all of the data himself and probably sought help from other hackers. “Manning’s a bright young man, but he didn’t have the technical or political expertise to pull this off,’’ Lamo said. “He had to depend on people state-side.’’