Mississippi Hayride Accident Kills Three

Two children and one adult were killed Monday night during a Halloween hayride accident in Chunky, Mississippi. Several more children were injured in the incident, which occurred around 8 p.m. on a highway outside of the small town. “There were two vehicles involved,” said Sgt. Andy West, of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. “One of the vehicles was pulling a trailer, which was loaded with several occupants. Adults and children were on the trailer. Both vehicles were traveling westbound on Highway 80 when a [Ford] F-150 collided into the rear of the trailer.” At least three helicopters were on the scene to transport injured hayriders to local hospitals, according to reports. “It’s a small community,” West continued. “This is a bad thing to happen anywhere, but when it’s local, it really hits home. These are good people, and our hearts go out to them.”