Fallen Royalty

Miss California 'Set Up' For Firing

The world hasn't heard the last of Carrie Prejean. The ex-Miss California and her lawyer, Charles LiMandri, are threatening to sue the pageant organization, saying Prejean was “set up" for failure. According to LiMandri, the pageant and director Keith Lewis gave Prejean an impossible list of events to attend, including the premiere of a movie that supported gay marriage rights, a topic Prejean has spoken out against publicly. “There was really a lack for trust and a lack of respect," LiMandri said. “He was trying to set her up. Keith Lewis and [pageant coordinator] Shanna Moakler wanted her out, pure and simple. They finally found a way to get their way.” Lewis fired back at the accusations, saying that Prejean didn’t uphold her contract and missed more than 30 scheduled events.