Minnesota GOP Blasts Bachmann Challenger

Minnesota State Sen. Tarryl Clark is under fire from the state Republican Party for comments she made regarding Rep. Michele Bachmann's family. Bachmann, who once likened AmeriCorps programs to "re-education camps," raised eyebrows earlier this year when her son joined Teach for America, an AmeriCorps program. In an interview with The Daily Beast last week, Clark went after Bachmann, whom she is running against in the 2010 election, saying: "'We have three things in common: We're women, moms, and we both have sons in AmeriCorps. The difference is I'm proud of mine and we should be proud of our young adults giving something to the community.'" In a press release, the Minnesota GOP declared the comments beyond the pale, writing: "Tarryl Clark doesn't get it. The families of politicians are off-limits. The voters of central Minnesota won't vote for a candidate who doesn't understand that bringing the child of any politician into a political attack is always unacceptable."