Military Investigating ‘Pissgate’ at California Base

The U.S. Air Force Inspector General’s Office is investigating allegations that high-ranking officers tried to cover up an incident in which someone urinated in the boots of a female member of the California Air National Guard, the Los Angeles Times reported. Staff Sgt. Jennifer Pineda, 34, filed a whistle-blower complaint several months after the incident—which has become known as “Pissgate” in the 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno. The newspaper said there have been allegations that evidence that could have identified the culprit was destroyed and that a male pilot who supported Pineda faced retaliation. “This boils down to just unprofessional leadership and cronyism,” said retired Maj. Dan Woodside, a retired 144th fighter pilot. “If anybody had urinated in their boots, they would have done everything they could to find the perpetrator, even if it involved calling the FBI.”