Miley Cyrus' Lapdance Video

At least it's not a sex tape? TMZ has obtained footage of a then-16-year-old Miley Cyrus grinding on Adam Shankman, the 44-year-old openly gay producer of her movie, The Last Song. The dirty dance took place about seven months ago at the wrap party for the film, but footage had not been released until today. The video depicts Cyrus and Shankman dancing closely, at which point Shankman retires to the couch and Miley continues to, well, do her thing. Cyrus, whose recent video for "Can't be Tamed" featured suggestive costuming and dancing, has occupied an odd place in today's celebrity stratosphere—straddling the awkward line between underage sex star and straight-laced teen idol. Maybe Miley's just trying to tell us that she's done with the sweet-girl vibe.