Mike Flynn, Trump’s NatSec Adviser, Shared Classified Info Without Permission

Ret. Army Gen. Michael T. Flynn, who was picked to serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s White House national security adviser, “inappropriately shared” classified information with foreign military officers in Afghanistan, The Washington Post revealed Wednesday. According to a U.S. Army investigation of the incident in 2010, Flynn did not act “knowingly” in sharing the classified information, and “there was no actual or potential damage to national security as a result,” thus no punishment for the general. Due to the classified nature of the investigation itself, the Post reported, the documents are limited in scope and do not reveal the exact nature of the secrets Flynn revealed. However, former U.S. officials familiar with the case told the newspaper that Flynn was accused of telling allied military officers about the activities of other U.S. agencies in Afghanistan, reportedly including the Central Intelligence Agency.