Michigan State Officials Stonewalled Nassar Investigators: Report

Officials at the University of Michigan have repeatedly blocked investigators’ attempts to try to get to the truth about what happened at the school when disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar sexually assaulted hundreds of girls, according to a report released Friday by Michigan Attorney General special independent counsel William Forsyth. The university stonewalled investigators at every turn, delaying an investigation they pledged to support, according to the report. Among their efforts, MSU officials discussed in emails how to keep information secret, hired a former federal prosecutor “to prepare and protect the institution,” and sent reams of “irrelevant documents” to investigators, the report found. The report depicts the university as putting its own interests above those of sexual-assault victims. “An institution truly interested in the truth would not have acted as MSU has,” the report says. After three weeks of emotional public court hearings, Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 125 years in prison.