Michigan Murder Suspect Blurts Out Confession in Court as Jury Delivers Guilty Verdict

Michigan man Kahlek McPherson took the witness stand in his own murder trial Friday and denied that he shot Corey Johnson to death on July 4, 2017. “There’s no reason for me to want to kill this man,” he told the Muskegon County, Michigan, jury. Three days later, as those jurors were delivering a guilty verdict, McPherson suddenly blurted out a belated confession, according to “If he wasn’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t have shot him!” he reportedly announced to the victim’s family. Prosecutors say McPherson killed Johnson because he felt disrespected by the man’s brother. McPherson’s apparent confession on Monday sparked an altercation with one of the friends of the victim in the courtroom, with the woman reportedly removed after she stood and began shouting at McPherson. In addition to murder, McPherson was also convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and committing a felony with a firearm.