Going for Gold

Michelle's Denmark Debut

Will Michelle Obama's gold-medal powers of persuasion be enough to land the 2016 Olympics in Chicago? The first lady arrived in Copenhagen Wednesday morning, stopping briefly at a welcoming party to talk with the ambassador, kiss the Chicago mayor on the cheek, and dole out a few hugs before getting to work. As head of Chicago's delegation, and representative of her husband until his Friday arrival, she'll meet with as many members of the International Olympic Committee as she can fit in. Although IOC president Jacques Rogge has stressed that heads of state don't have to attend the final pitches, it's believed that Tony Blair tipped the 2012 vote in London's favor, while Vladimir Putin did the same thing when Sochi won the 2014 Olympics. Last week, senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett met with Blair to get advice on how to get the most out of the final few days. All Michelle will say of the final presentation to the IOC, which will include her husband is, "We're not going to sing together or anything."