First Lady

Michelle Obama Talks Bo

Michelle Obama shared homey details about living in the White House during a Q-&-A session with the inquisitive children of White House staffers celebrating Take Your Child to Work Day. One child asked, “what would you do if something bad happened to a country?” “Well, first of all I'd wake my husband up if it were at night,” Michelle answered. “And I'd tell him, hey, buddy, you're the President, get down to the Oval Office and call some leaders.” Obama stressed that she loves her job because she doesn’t have to “deal with the hard problems,” just the “fun stuff.” (The only thing she doesn’t like to do? Run on a treadmill.) “I think I have actually one of the best jobs in the White House,” she said. She doesn’t miss cooking now that the family has a chef, and said she spends more time with the President than when he was on the campaign trail. “If I really need to see him, I can walk to his office, and, you know, cool stuff like that.” The first lady also revealed details on first puppy Bo: "He loves to chew on people's feet" and has a "crazy" temperament.