Battling Weight

Michelle Obama Focuses on Childhood Obesity

First Lady Michelle Obama introduced a national task force to tackle childhood obesity Tuesday. The task force will have 90 days to create a plan that helps the federal government coordinate with nonprofit groups and the private sector. The efforts will focus on making nutrition labels easier to read and putting calorie counts—especially of sodas—on the front of labels to encourage healthy choices. School lunches will also face scrutiny; many kids eat more than half their daily calories at school, and more than 30 million of those kids are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program. The Obama administration wants to allocate $10 billion over the next decade to improving the quality of school breakfasts and lunches by adding more fresh produce and low-fat dairy, and cutting fat and salt. Health experts will educate parents about healthy body mass indexes, and doctors will be able to write official prescriptions for healthy living if a child gains too much weight. More exercise will also be encouraged.