Michelle Arrives in Mexico

After a surprise stopover in Haiti, Michelle Obama arrived in Mexico on Tuesday night, greeted by the scores of children she hopes to help. Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala met with her on Wednesday. "We have much in common," Obama said of Zavala. Both are former lawyers, mothers of young kids, and have made the youth their signature issues. Obama’s message is that this generation is "prepared and ready" to take on the challenges presented to them. It's not easy to be young in Mexico—youth obesity rates are among the highest in the world, drug gangs threaten safety and entice kids into crime, and the poor economy causes many to risk life and limb to migrate to the U.S. In a video message released by the White House, Michelle said, "My message to the young people is that success and possibility doesn’t know a race, a background, a gender, a socioeconomic class."