No Apologies

Michaele Salahi Alleges Abuse, Whoopi Will Not Apologize

Whoopi Goldberg says she’ll offer “no apology” for the “choice words” she hurled at gatecrasher and The Real Housewives of D.C. star Michaele Salahi after a taping of The View on Wednesday. The Daily Beast broke the news yesterday about the aftermath of the incident, which began when Salahi sat down with her castmates and some of The View hosts to discuss the Bravo show. Goldberg, who was not part of the interview, came out from backstage, touched Salahi’s arm, and called her a party crasher during the show. "Afterward, Michaele was very upset about what was said about her on the air," Goldberg said Thursday. "Then I was told she thought I hit her. So I went up to her and I told her that she knew I didn't hit her.” Salahi went on the Today show Thursday morning and said, "I walked off the show and said goodbye and was in the back. And Whoopi came in and said, 'F--- this, f--- that, Did you say I f------ hit you?'” Goldberg alleged that Tareq Salahi started taking photos of her with his BlackBerry. “I really went off then,” Goldberg explained. “And there were even more choice words. They were so choice you could have cut them with a knife and eaten them.”