Sticks and Stones

Michael Steele Laughs at Specter

Arlen Specter left the GOP less than four months ago, and there's no love lost between the Pennsylvania senator and RNC Chairman Michael Steele. On Fox News Thursday night, Steele was asked to respond to a clip of Specter saying that town-hall protesters were "not necessarily representative of America." The RNC chairman broke into laughter: "I'm sorry, I'm laughing, I'm sorry." Steele continued, "Not representative of America? Well, then who are they representative of? This is part of the craziness that we're hearing from the left on this issue. They're trying to obfuscate the fact that the American people are ticked off, as one of the participants said yesterday, they're very concerned." Politico reports that Steele also accused Obama of stacking his New Hampshire town hall with a friendly audience and denied some Democrats' claims that the GOP has been stacking its cards, too: "Anyone out there who says that the Republican Party or state parties or Republican activists are out there doing that are flat-out lying. They're wrong. We are not busing in folks like the Democrats are with SEIU members."