15 Steps

Michael Moore's 'Action Plan'

Feel like the country's going to hell in a handbasket, but don't know what to do? Activist and documentarian Michael Moore has published an "action plan" on his Web site with 15 steps progressives can take to "fight back and try and fix this very broken system." Moore says the "No. 1 question" he's asked after screenings of Capitalism: A Love Story is, "Now what can I do?" Moore says liberals can start by demanding five things from Congress and the president: a "moratorium on home evictions"; a nonprofit, government-run, universal health-care plan; public funds for elections and stricter lobbying laws; state-owned banks in each of the 50 states; and public ownership of natural-energy resources. The Flint, Michigan, native also provides five ways "to make Congress and and the president listen to us" (from calling and emailing elected officials every day to running for office) and five means of protecting "ourselves and our families"—including taking all money out of banks that received bailout funds and unionizing workplaces. Moore ends his plan with encouragement to "BE SUBVERSIVE," asking his readers to post their own ideas in the comments of his article.