Thanks But No Thanks

Michael Cohen Tried, Failed to Get Business From Uber and Ford

Michael Cohen, the beleaguered long-time attorney of President Trump, boasted about his influence in the White House in failed attempts to win consultancy work from Uber and Ford, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Cohen audaciously instructed Uber to fire their consultants and hire him instead, advertising himself as "the president's lawyer," the paper wrote, citing a source at the corporation. The company reportedly believed that Cohen's co-ownership of at least 32 taxi medallions with his wife was a possible conflict of interest so rebuffed his advances. Ford also passed up the opportunity to have Cohen as a consultant. The report comes after questions were raised about Cohen's deals with telecommunications company AT&T and healthcare firm Novartis. The CEO of Novartis, which paid Cohen $1.2 million dollars to gain White House access, sent an email to his staff on Thursday, calling the move a "mistake."