Miami's Dirty Secrets

“When you can't get a party in Miami, it's the ultimate sign you've stepped on toes,” said Daily Beast investigative correspondent Gerald Posner, whose new book, Miami Babylon, chronicles the dirty laundry of the sun-drenched jet set and has ruffled more than a few feathers. Publicist Tara Solomon and condo developer Jorge Perez are two friends who have cast out Posner after reading what he had to say about their friends and clients. According to the New York Post, a quote in the book from Perez’s friend Thomas Kramer that the two “did a lot of party and p----,” for example, might explain why Perez canceled Posner’s launch party. The book also delves into the illegal affairs of Wine and Food Festival promoter Lee Schrager and Ocean Drive magazine co-founder Jerry Powers, meaning that this may be just the beginning of Posner’s ostracization. "If they didn't like the way they're portrayed, they should see the stuff I left out," Posner told the Post.