MI Dad Arrested for Sons' Kidnapping

Police in Morenci, Michigan, have arrested a Detroit man for kidnapping Tuesday in connection with the disappearance of his three sons. John Skelton was last seen with his sons—Andrew Ryan Skelton, 9, Alexander William Skelton, 7 and Tanner Lucas Skelton, 5—playing in their backyard Thursday. Skelton was supposed to return the boys to their mother on Friday, but he said he turned the boys over to a woman named Joann Taylor before he attempted to hang himself that day. Police, however, said Monday there is no established relationship between Skelton and anyone named Joann Taylor. According to court documents, a messy divorce between John and Tanya Skelton began in September, after he allegedly took the two older boys out of state without her permission. Locked in a custody battle, John Skelton has raised the issue of Tanya Skelton’s 1998 conviction for having sex with a minor, which has placed her on the sex offenders’ registry. On Tuesday, police disputed rumors that the boys’ bodies had been found, but they were not optimistic about their return.