MI Cop Suspended After Driving Around With Confederate Flag

A police officer in Traverse City, Michigan, has been suspended with pay after driving in a pickup truck bearing the Confederate flag around a group of people protesting against Donald Trump. The officer, identified as Michael Peters, was reported to be captured in the compromising position in a photo taken by a protester. Police Chief Jeff O’Brien announced Peters’ suspension Sunday, having earlier said an internal investigation would begin into the incident Monday. “He is not working as a police officer,” O’Brien told local media. “I do not condone his actions.” The Confederate flag was reportedly flown from the back of the pickup truck while it hovered near a recent “Love Trumps Hate” rally in the city. The truck was then parked near protesters while the driver drank a beer, a move that O’Brien described as intimidating. “We will get through this,” O'Brien said. “The community will get through this.”