Mexico Paper to Stop Printing After Reporter Shot Dead

A newspaper in Mexico has decided to close up shop over the country’s pervasive violence against journalists, after one of its reporters was shot dead last month. Norte de Ciudad Juarez said in an editorial Sunday that that day’s print edition would be its last and that the digital version of the paper will soon follow suit. Miroslava Breach, who worked as a reporter for the paper, was shot eight times while parked in her car outside her home in Chihuahua. Breach, who was just one of three reporters killed in March, reported extensively on the links between organized crime and politicians in the state. The reportedly gunmen left a note that read: “For being a loud-mouth.” A child was in the vehicle with her at the time of the shooting but was unharmed during the attack. Oscar Cantu, the newspaper’s editor, said, “There are neither the guarantees nor the security to exercise critical, counterbalanced journalism.” He added, “Everything in life has a beginning and an end, and a price to pay, and if the price is life, I am not prepared for any more of my collaborators to pay it, nor am I prepared to pay it either.”