Mexico Landslide Traps 1,000, Kills 7

As many as 1,000 people may be trapped under mud in the southwestern Mexico state of Oaxaca, said Gov. Ulises Ruiz Tuesday morning. A hill about 650 feet wide collapsed early Tuesday, causing a landslide that sent tons of mud barreling over about 300 houses. The Associated Press reports that at least seven people have been killed. Authorities and rescue squads armed with heavy machinery are on their way to the scene. "We expect to get there in time to rescue these people," said Ruiz. Unfortunately, many rivers have overflowed due to extreme rainfall in the area over the past two weeks due to Tropical Storm Matthew, so it's difficult for the rescuers to reach the trapped people. "Police and rescue officials still have not arrived at the landslide zone and there are many landslides on the road," one person posted on their Twitter.