Mexico Breastfeeding PSA Courts Backlash

Topless celebrities are often a welcome addition to any photo campaign... except when it’s about feeding babies. A series of Mexico City public-service ads intended to boost breastfeeding rates have incited major criticism. The posters feature topless female celebrities smiling with a banner shielding their nipples that says “Don’t give them your back, give them your breast.” Only 14 percent of Mexican mothers exclusively breastfeed for the baby’s first six months, which is what the World Health Organization recommends. However, these ads may not be the most effective. They can be construed as sexualizing breastfeeding and shaming mothers. Regina Tames, of the reproductive rights group GIRE, said “It’s not only a very terrible campaign in terms of how it looks, but it’s also the message that if you don’t breast-feed, you are a bad mother and you are the one to blame.”