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Mexican Hijacker's Revelation

God should really stop telling people to hijack planes. Jose Flores, the man who briefly hijacked a jetliner as it landed in Mexico City from Cancun, said he did so after a divine revelation, the Associated Press reports. Flores said Wednesday's date, 09/09/09 was the satanic number 666 inverted. The Bible-wielding self-described pastor showed a flight attendant his "bomb," merely a juice can with lights attached, as the plane was landing and said that he and three others were hijacking the plane. Evidently the three others were "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost," as he later told police. Flores, a drug addict convicted of armed robbery in Bolivia, ordered the pilot to circle Mexico City seven times and asked to speak with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, to warn him of an impending earthquake. None of the 103 passengers and crew were harmed.