Megyn Kelly Escalates Feud With Jane Fonda, Brings Up ‘Hanoi Jane’

Megyn Kelly escalated her feud with Jane Fonda, bringing up the actress’ “Hanoi Jane” controversy. Fonda, 80, recently spoke out about how “inappropriate” Kelly was to ask about the actress’ plastic surgery on an early episode of NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today. In response, Kelly used her Monday morning monologue to “address [Fonda’s] ‘poor me’ routine.” She played a montage of various times Fonda spoke openly about her plastic surgery—adding that she has “no regrets” about asking it herself—and then pivoted to say that Fonda’s “name is synonymous with outrage.” In an effort to call out the hypocrisy of her “moral indignation,” Kelly referred back to Fonda’s radio broadcast “shaming American troops,” and calling the torture of U.S. prisoners of war “understandable” during the Vietnam War.