Megyn Kelly: Clinton ‘Too Chicken’ to Come On My Show

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says Hillary Clinton is afraid to face tough questions from her. In an interview on Friday with former Bill Clinton advisor Lanny Davis, Kelly called the Clinton campaign a “bunch of dopes” for rejecting Davis’ advice to have Hillary appear on Kelly’s program. While Davis said he believed Clinton would have “done great” on “The Kelly File,” Kelly slammed the first female presidential nominee for what she described as cowardice. “The bottom line is, honestly, she was too chicken to come on — that’s the truth. No, I asked her for months and months and months through everybody possible. Why else wouldn’t she be here?” She went on to call Clinton out for ignoring her as a female broadcaster. “She’s trying to paint herself as some champion of women, and what does she do? She doesn’t even sit down with one of the top female journalists in the country,” Kelly said.