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Meghan McCain Bests Obama Speechwriter

Politicians are perennially going after the youth vote, and a new poll indicates the key to success may lie with the McCains. The ScoopDaily/Zogby poll shows that unlike their older counterparts, 18- to 24-year-old Americans look up to Meghan McCain more than President Obama’s wunderkind speechwriter Jon Favreau. Their most frequently cited idol? Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Favreau is known for penning the president’s famously inspirational rhetoric, and waning interest in his work may be attributed to “rising millennial disillusionment.” McCain, a moderate Republican columnist (and Daily Beast contributor) is also an outspoken advocate of bringing change to the Republican Party—she vocally supports gay marriage. “The Obama administration understands that my generation spends most of its day on a laptop or a BlackBerry… until the Republican Party joins the 21st century and learns how to use the Internet, its members will keep getting older and the youth of America will just keep logging on to the other side,” said McCain.