Meghan McCain Appears in Playboy

Meghan McCain, daughter of 2008 candidate John McCain and a Daily Beast political columnist, gave an interview to Playboy magazine, covering everything from gay rumors to Bristol Palin to the 2012 election. McCain kept her clothes on for the interview, but she said she’s “not private” about anything. Asked about rumors that she is a lesbian, McCain answered, “Honey, you’re nobody until you have a gay rumor about you.” As for the infamous McCain-Palin feud, she said that Bristol Palin “biffed it fast” when they ran into each at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. She said she would be the “craziest first daughter ever” and later quipped, “It’s American, man … there’s nothing wrong with going out and listening to music and having a little Jack and Coke.” In all seriousness, McCain said she thinks her father “would have made an incredible president,” that troops wouldn’t be being pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and morale in the military would be higher.