Naughty List

Meet Tiger's Newest Gal Pals

It may be time to add more names to the ever-growing list of women Tiger Woods has had affairs with outside of his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Sources are saying that over the past few years, Woods kept himself busy with Cori Rist, another blonde that he met at upscale New York City bars, Mindy Lawton, a 33-year-old Florida waitress who spoke with London’s News of the World as well as Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas model. “I love Tiger, but he got careless,” said a source. “He’s been doing this for years. He wanted to run with the big dogs.” Rist has issued a resounding “no comment” in response to the story, but Lawton was more than happy to detail her relationship with Woods: “Sometimes, I looked like a rag doll after we’d made love…. He really did like it rough,” she said. Lawton says they met in 2006 and on a scale of 10, she would give him a 12 in the bedroom, but while she wanted to be “the next Mrs. Woods,” all he cared about was a physical relationship.