Meet the New Captain Sully

Delta passengers are praising their pilot, Jack Conroyd, as “our Captain Sully,” for his cool emergency landing of flight 4951 at JFK airport on Sunday despite the jet’s right wheel being stuck in the up position. Navy veteran Conroyd, with his co-pilot Larkin Newby, saved 64 lives with the safe landing, drawing comparisons to Capt. Chesley Sullenberger, the US Airways pilot who skillfully landed a plane in New York’s Hudson River last year. The Delta pilots haven’t been able to talk about the incident, due to an investigation, but many aboard hope they’ll get the same level of public praise. "I can't wait to see him receive all of the credit he deserves,” one passenger said. "The pilot was tremendous. He was great, nothing better," added another. Conroyd was greeted with loud applause after the landing. "To me, he is a hero,” Conroyd’s mom said.