McNair's Girlfriend Bought the Gun

The death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair might be getting less mysterious: Police announced today that the gun found beneath the body of Sahel Kazemi was bought by the 20-year-old two days prior to the incident. Kazemi was found fatally shot on Saturday afternoon along with the former MVP. Although McNair's death has been ruled a homicide, police have yet to classify Kazemi's death, and are awaiting the results of forensic tests. The married father of four had supposedly been dating Kazemi—whose ex-boyfriend was recently questioned, but is not currently a suspect—for several months, and even had a Cadillac Escalade registered in both their names. The pistol was purchased just hours after Kazemi had been pulled over in the Escalade and charged with driving under the influence. McNair, who had been with her at the time, was allowed to leave the scene in a taxi.